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  • Hello! I'm CMO at Vista Community Clinic in San Diego county. How I take my coffee: 1/2 packet of sweetener and a bit of creamer My favorite song to dance to is: Anything from the 80s, but Take On Me and Bizarre Love Triangle are probably ...

  • Hello everyone! I am the Grants go-to person at our agency, going on 8+ years now :-) How I take my coffee: Sweet and Creamy!! My favorite song to dance to is: Although I don't have a favorite song to dance to, my favorite genres are ANYTHING ...

  • Hello, hello, How I take my coffee: Black! unless its the weekend in which case I take it with half and half or preferably heavy whipping cream. My favorite song to dance to is: Anything that grabs me. Its hard to think of one song off the top of ...

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