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Prior to coming to work for CPCA, I was a Project Administrator for a mechanical company based out of Marysville Ca, with office in Granite Bay and San Francisco. I worked on two different jobsite, one a level 2 prison in Ione and the other a hospital in Marysville.

When I found out about the job opportunity at CPCA, I admittedly applied as I was looking for a career change and something closer to home.

After interviewing with this amazing company, I was offered a job with the Health Center Operations team working on the Capitation Payment Preparedness (CP3) Project. Under the HCO supervisor’s wing, CPCA started to build out the CP3 team. CPCA hired on multiple colleagues to create this team and we hit the ground running. The CP3 team, now called The Care Transformation Team hosted many trainings to help with CP3 and the Alternative Payment Methodology (APM).

As we all know APM is still in the process, and we are working hard here at CPCA and with our health centers to get things rolling.

In April of 2022 I celebrated 7 years here at CPCA. The longest I have ever been at any organization.

Fun Fact about me, by the end of October 2022, I will no longer be Charlotte Reische, as I am getting married and will then go by Charlotte Labbe!