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I began working at Altura Centers for Health (ALTURA) in 2003; hence, I've been working for a Federally Qualified Health Center for over 18 years.  This was my first occupation after graduate school from USC.  My first official full time job.  I am from a small town, Woodlake and I'm fortunate to have returned home.  My parents were migrant farmworkers and I worked along side them all of my youth.  We harvested olives, table grapes, tomatoes and oranges.  I was a Candy Striper, hospital volunteer, at Kaweah Delta Hospital from 8th grade until my senior year of High School.  I obtained my Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA), Business and Home Health Aide (HHA) certificate from TCOVE during my high school years at Woodlake High School.  I have three girls and a supportive husband.   ALTURA is deemed as a Migrant Health Center as well and it is rewarding to be able to serve the population that reflects my upbringing.