Ingrid Hercules

Sacramento Native American Health Center

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Sacramento Native American Health Center


While working with Community Health for the past ten years, I have learned to enjoy the growth from shared challenges that all healthcare professionals experience. I feel a big passion to create small working systems that can be beneficial to more than one in our networks. I love to solve the unresolved and think about problems as opportunities to be resolved.
I like to eat healthy-ish and practice regular exercise to support my body, but I am also a big fan of coffee and sweets.

I have two teenagers that cannot stop making me feel blessed. I share most of my free time supporting their inner critical thinking abilities, and I encourage them to be educated by reading about all subjects from Music to Science. I enjoy reading to stay educated. My favorite thing to do with my spare time is gardening. Succulent collector.

Whenever possible, I like to attend live performances. I love all from symphonic music to Opera. Among some of those, I enjoyed in the past are Rigoletto, Romeo and Juliet, Electra, Hansel and Gretel, The Magic Flute, and many more I cannot even remember.

I have a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, which I acquired long before working in Community Health, I worked for few private dental practices before working for SNAHC. My current work environment had helped me to discover my natural aptitudes, and foster support to develop new skills. I believe that if we all put effort into learning something new about the ‘problems,’ we can alleviate many of them.