Jo Campbell, LCSW, CWWS

Hill Country Community Clinic, Inc.

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Hill Country Community Clinic, Inc.


I have worked for the clinic as a Behavior Health clinician since 2018 and have been serving in clinic operations since the beginning of 2019.  I started working as a clinical social worker in 1994.  In 1999 I found myself using my skill set in a non traditional environment.  I started working for a start up business in my community which ultimately led to me spending 19 years in the private business sector.  While I was no longer serving in a traditional social work role I remained active in my local community by volunteering with community based organizations that serve vulnerable and marginalized persons.  When I found my way into the Hill Country family I found a place to serve the people of my community using my business experience and acumen to help the clinic respond to the continually changing needs of our community.

When I am not at the clinic you'll playing outdoors in beautiful Northern California with my family and friends.