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Valerie Knibb is a Quality Improvement Data Analyst at Aliados Health. Valerie has over 25 years experience as a medical administrative professional with varied and transferable skills. She comes to Aliados Health after spending 10 years at Providence St. Joseph Health. She has an extended background in revenue cycle and decision support. Prior to joining Providence St. Joseph she owned her own medical billing business and previous to that spent 13 years working for Redwood Medical Laboratory. She has successfully led departmental teams and has collaborated with stakeholders to improve processes and resolve issues. She has proven analytical, leadership, communication, and organizational skills and is a solutions-orientated professional. Valerie strives to build strong cohesive working relationships. She has a passion for learning and is an advocate for public health. I use gardening as my best self-care tool, something about planting, pulling weeds, watering and watching the garden grows is shooting to me!