Yarin Gomez, MSW

California Primary Care Association

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California Primary Care Association


How many years have you been working for CHCs?
2 years at CPCA 

Have you worked for any other clinics other than your current organization?
I have not worked at a clinic, but have experience working on a health care team at the UCDMC Alzheimer's Disease Center, which conducts basic and clinical research including clinical trials, clinical evaluations, community outreach and education, professional education, and research training.

What self-care tools work best for you?
Breathing exercises, spending time with loved ones, limiting screen time, drinking water

What's the best part of working in a CHC environment?
Collaborating across sectors to promote equitable access to services that promote health 

What do you like to do outside of work?
listen to music, watch movies, shopping

What do you think the future of CHCs look like?
multi-sectoral collaboration to look at health in all policies