Tiffany Ruvalcaba

California Primary Care Association

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California Primary Care Association


I have been an integral part of CPCA's workforce since 2012 and currently lead CPCA’s online learning and education program offerings, including live webinars, recorded webcasts, and LMS courses; managing and producing video projects; implementing new technologies to enhance CPCA’s multimedia offerings; and strategic planning related to e-learning trends, strategies, and best practices. I also oversee the work and success of our Connected Communities resource, to facilitate crowd-sourcing information and answers from your health center peers! :)

I am a mom of 4, now working from home, with a husband also working from home, 4 kids distance learning from home, and a son who works in the food industry. We are rolling with the punches, every day presents new challenges, and if you say the word "normal" in my home you have to put a dollar in the DoorDash jar!